Monday, January 07, 2008

Email Conversion Procedures at SACS

St. Albans City School is in the process of converting to a new email system effective January 8, 2008. Our new email addresses will be the same as the old ones for the first part; while the second part is changed from to If your old email address was your new address will be

You old email system will be disabled on January 31, 2008. Both the new email system and the old system will be available for the month of January.

To easily convert over we suggest the following steps with more specific directions and tutorials at SACS-ONLINE.

1. Log into the new system using the Email link on our home page. Change your passwords.

2. Change your old email to automatically forward to the new email. You will receive anything anyone sends to your OLD account to your NEW account.

3. Set your old email in "vacation" mode. (Anyone who writes to it will get a message that our email address has changed and that your new email address is .....

4. Only access the NEW email from now on.

5. You will notice the new email starts with a new ADDRESS book. We have created a simple IMPORT addresses for anyone who wants to add our staff to their address book. (The directions and tutorials are at SACS ONLINE.



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