Monday, August 31, 2009

Learning to Keyboard

Keyboarding is a necessary skill to succeed in today's high tech world. In the next few weeks, all fourth graders will be working on their keyboarding skills.
Let's start with reviewing what you learned in third grade about keyboarding.

Then we'll look at two places you can go to work on your skills from any computer that has Internet access.

1) To take a quick keyboarding test and see how fast and accurate you are go to:
and try a 1 minute test. Change the test to an easy one like Aesop's Fable if you want.

2. If you want to work on learning the keys, try this free site.
But first let's review some important skills for today's TECHSAVVY student.
  • Don't register for any websites without your parent's permission.
  • Don't provide personal information if you do register.
  • Read the prompts carefully. Figure out what is an Advertisement and what is important information.
  • Never let the computer remember your password.
  • Never tell your password to anyone except your parents.
  • Don't click on Pop-up ads. Many websites today can harm your computer with viruses or "malware".



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